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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? This is the name of a recent documentary that is making it’s way across the world and inspiring those in it’s wake. But, telling those who I think would highly benefit from it’s message is almost a bit…well, embarrassing. Why? Because I know the name of the documentary is referring to the two main people that the film follows, but I almost feel as thought when I say the name of the movie I am telling the person I am talking to that they are “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. In some instances it’s not too far from the truth. However, that doesn’t mean it should be said quite like that. Fact is, everyone who consumes a Standard American Diet (SAD) should be required to watch this film. It opens the eyes to how we can heal our bodies with the simplest form of food.


How does this work?

How can you possibly survive on juice alone?

Aren’t you hungry?

Are you crazy?

These are questions I am asked when I go on a juice f(e)ast. In all honesty, I think the concept is harder for people to wrap their heads around than what is actually involved in doing one and the beautiful transformational effects it has on people. That’s what I like so much about the documentary. It shows people in a loving, informative and very eye opening way of how natural and wonderful it is for your body, mind and soul. Sometimes you just have to do it to believe it.

What are some of the benefits I have seen?

I’ve had and seen unwanted weight nearly melt off bodies. I’ve seen people get off medications for things like high blood pressure within days. I’ve had and seen calm, peace and clarity come over people in profound ways. Energy sours and hunger dissipates after 2 or 3 days. When the hunger subsides, you realize how addicted to food we all are.

Are you Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?

I would highly recommend watching this documentary. No matter what weight you may be at or how healthy you think you are. I guarantee it will make you think twice about your diet. In a good way.

p.s. It’s on Netflix!


My Attempt at a Juice Feast

This morning I woke up with less energy than normal and slept right through my scheduled morning run. This was the second day in a row which made me take a good look at myself and try to figure out what was wrong, other than the teething baby who refused to sleep through the night. I came to the conclusion that I was becoming dehydrated (dry mouth was a good indicator). I needed liquids and lots of them. I’d been seeing a lot of info on juice feasts lately, especially from The Rawalicious and The Road to Raw folks and decided to give it a try on my own for the day.  I juiced celery, carrots, apples, lettuce, kale and peaches. Things were going great until lunch time. That’s when I realized I was REALLY hungry. So, I decided to try an actual recipe, which is when I ran across the Lemon Ginger Blast recipe. This recipe makes a lot of juice, but boy did it have a kick! I omitted the habanero and used a jalapeño instead in hopes of getting a pepper type effect without killing my senses. With the first sip I was hit with an unexpected punch of spiciness and flavor that was a bit overwhelming at first. It took a few minutes for me to attempt another sip, but one I did, I was hooked. Almost instantly my hunger vanished and I felt my body start to liven up. It took about an hour, but I drank the whole thing and a little after that just felt renewed and energized.  It was just what I was looking for. In fact, I felt so much better after that, that I completely forgot that I was even attempting a juice feast for the day. I started to make part of my weekly supply of staples and taste tested everything. This also included making my favorite Cheezy Kale Chips recipe which after squeezing all the excess juices from the kale, I reserve the juices and use it as a salad dressing (yep, that good), then proceeded to make myself a salad, ate the entire thing and then remembered about my juicing goals for the day.  Oops.

The rest of the day went by pretty uneventful with the exception that I devoured the entire batch of Raw Brownies with the help of baby. Don’t worry, it was a small batch. Then topped off the evening with another tall glass of juice using pears, apples, carrots, kale stems (left over from the kale chips) and…did I dare…a jalapeño? Oh, yes! I dared! After tasting the final result, I realized that the kick from the Lemon Ginger Blast was actually from…the GINGER! I am now hopelessly addicted. Must…get…more.  Needless to say, the jalapeño was so mild that I gave some to the baby and he loved it.

Today 2/3rds of my day was spent on a juice feast. Not bad for the first attempt.

Lesson learned…Things are not always as they seem. There is something new to learn everyday and I am open to whatever comes my way. You just never know what it’s going to be.

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