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Green Poop!

Yep, I said it! Green Poop! Surprised? You may be after you drink green smoothies, go to the bathroom, turn around and see what has come out the next day. Chances are it’s going to be green. Really really green. But please don’t freak out. It’s completely normal and harmless. What you are looking at is chlorophyll (what makes plants green) and is harmless. It’s a good thing! It means you are consuming enough greens (finally!).

But what if you haven’t been eating your greens like good little boys and girls? What then? According to (yes…it exists) it could be caused from eating a really poor junk food laden diet or digestive problems, in which case, is not good. So, make sure it’s the good green and not the bad by drinking your green smoothies. Your mama (and me!) will be so proud of you!

p.s. I spared sharing a photo on this subject for you. You can thank me later.


My First Colonic

Colon Hydrotherapy? Colon Cleanse? Colonic? Now, I KNOW you want to hear ALL about this subject!

Yep, I did it. I had my first colon cleanse yesterday. I’m not telling you this to gross you out. I want to share this with you to open you up to deeper forms of natural healing and cleansing. I’m not going to sugar coat this either. It was a bit…strange…at first. Not as bad as my worst fears and not as good as my best expectations. A nice middle ground I would say. It was soothing at times and a little uncomfortable at others. The certified Hydrotherapist that gave me the therapy immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed the moment I stepped into her house. I’ll spare you the in depth “juicy” details and just let you know that it was a closed system that feeds directly into the sewer line (you can see it but not smell it). I felt totally safe. An itsy bitsy bitsy nervous, but not enough to make me shy away. If you want to know more about what this looks like you can watch this video. It’s not bad, I promise.

I’ve got to tell you though, that the best part was the major vibration increase that happened as I started to drive home. I was feeling really calm, which is normal, and them BAM! My crown chakra, third eye chakra and throat chakra all exploded open and I felt as though I was in a matrix of cool! I was very calm and peaceful with no worries. In his book, A New EarthEckhart Tolle talks about when his ego collapsed how he pretty much sat in a park for two years smiling and was as happy as could be. I felt the same way and at that point understood on a deeper level what he meant. It was beautiful! Once again my spirituality has reached new levels. Boy, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, or the next moment for that matter. Until then, I will be enjoying this moment just as much.

Can’t wait for the next one! Who’s with me? Anyone?

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? This is the name of a recent documentary that is making it’s way across the world and inspiring those in it’s wake. But, telling those who I think would highly benefit from it’s message is almost a bit…well, embarrassing. Why? Because I know the name of the documentary is referring to the two main people that the film follows, but I almost feel as thought when I say the name of the movie I am telling the person I am talking to that they are “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. In some instances it’s not too far from the truth. However, that doesn’t mean it should be said quite like that. Fact is, everyone who consumes a Standard American Diet (SAD) should be required to watch this film. It opens the eyes to how we can heal our bodies with the simplest form of food.


How does this work?

How can you possibly survive on juice alone?

Aren’t you hungry?

Are you crazy?

These are questions I am asked when I go on a juice f(e)ast. In all honesty, I think the concept is harder for people to wrap their heads around than what is actually involved in doing one and the beautiful transformational effects it has on people. That’s what I like so much about the documentary. It shows people in a loving, informative and very eye opening way of how natural and wonderful it is for your body, mind and soul. Sometimes you just have to do it to believe it.

What are some of the benefits I have seen?

I’ve had and seen unwanted weight nearly melt off bodies. I’ve seen people get off medications for things like high blood pressure within days. I’ve had and seen calm, peace and clarity come over people in profound ways. Energy sours and hunger dissipates after 2 or 3 days. When the hunger subsides, you realize how addicted to food we all are.

Are you Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?

I would highly recommend watching this documentary. No matter what weight you may be at or how healthy you think you are. I guarantee it will make you think twice about your diet. In a good way.

p.s. It’s on Netflix!

Making a Great Salad and Life Update

Hi everyone! I’ve been a bit quite lately, and for good reason. I’ve had a LOT going on! One of the fascinating things that happens when you go raw is not only does your entire body transform, but so does you entire life. Since I have gone raw I have become more in tune with my body making it easier for me to listen to what it and my soul has to say. The most beautiful part of the transformation is the spiritual part, which I have been focusing more on too. Balance has been my main objective. So, part of my transformation was realizing, deep in my soul, how unhappy I was with my life. I set out to make changes and to stop torturing myself all the nonsense that was causing me grief.

My biggest change to date was getting a divorce after a long 14 year marriage. I have learned many lessons from the marriage and have left it with no regrets. The divorce has allowed me to grow in leaps and bounds and has also helped me to create a deeper trust with myself and the Universe. My interests in Meditation, Reiki, Laws of Attraction, Positive Thinking, Metaphysics, and many many more subjects has flourished and I am so grateful.

Now, for those of you that follow me on Facebook you may have noticed my relationship status changing recently from “single” to “In a relationship with Lee Collins“, well, lets just say he’s amazing. I’ve been really shy about all of it in public eye, so forgive my shyness, it’s still new. There are good things to come from this.

I also have a new website called that I have been posting raw food recipes to that I fine all across the web. I have tons of requests from people asking me to send them recipes to get started and this is part of my solution. I also have a Facebook page for Recipes Gone Raw so check it out and like it! I just can’t help but share all the fabulous raw food recipes that people create.

I am also doing more photography. Since I have made this raw transformation, I am finally comfortable in my own skin, which makes creating art a lot easier. I have my gallery on SmugMug and a Photo Blog Website too! Check them out and let me know what you think.

If you want to know how to make the best salad EVER…check out this video by Tim Van Orden. He does good work.

Becoming Grounded

One of the things I have notice is the need for being grounded and connected to the earth. It’s a common saying “staying grounded” or “that person is grounded” or something similar. But what exactly does that mean? It means being level headed and coming from a centered, peaceful, clear place in your head. How can you get there if you are not naturally like that? Glad you asked.

1. Take off your shoes! Walking around barefoot is the fastest and most effective way to ground yourself. By taking off your shoes you allow your feet to feel all the different textures that surround your life. Your feet are just as sensitive as the palms of your hands. Try it and notice how the world around you seems to instantly come alive, giving you a richer experience of your surroundings and life.

2. Take a shower or bath, go swimming or even skinny dipping. Just get into some water. Water is a natural grounding agent and even though you may not be outside, the pipes from the shower or bath run into the ground, which makes the grounding experience possible. Ever wonder why you get the best ideas in the shower? This is why. You are grounded during that time!

3. Take a walk in nature. Nothing clear our minds better than just taking a walk (barefoot would be even better). This allows fresh air to circulate through you, which clears your thoughts and really gets the creative juices flowing. Again, some of your best ideas and even clarity can happen during a walk through nature.

These are just a few easy, yet very effective ways to ground yourself and become more centered and connected. By doing these things daily, peace of mind, body and soul happens and so does deep happiness and joy. My hoes for you is that getting back to basics and becoming grounded is possible in your life. Enjoy the ride.

Giving Blood

Confession: I am a needlephob. So, when I saw flyers around the office this morning advertising blood donations, my first reaction is to take my usual stance of rejection because I despise needles that much. But after thinking about it for a while (and the nudge of a friend who needed moral support) I decided to do it. Why? Not for the free t-shirt (even though it’s cool) or the free zoo passes (bonus for the kids) or even the satisfaction of selflessly giving something of myself to someone who needs it (Ok, maybe a little of that) but because I wanted to have the free blood work results. You see, since I have started on this raw food journey I have not had any kind of blood work done. The normal things relating to the body and the changes that I have experienced fascinate me.

The first things they do for you is to check your blood pressure. Normal.

Second thing they do is check your body temperature. Spot on at 98.6.

Third thing they check is your pulse. 65. Whatever that means.

Even asked about my iron levels. Normal! Hehe.

The other fear I have had with donating blood besides the whole needle issue is the possibility of becoming lightheaded and even fainting after it’s all said and done. I have never fainted and didn’t want to start. I am happy to report that I have had neither incident happen thus far.

However I have noticed an increase in appetite. I must go eat something. Maybe it’s time for some raw brownie balls.

Patience with the process

Dear Reader,

I’ve explained a bit about how my raw food story began in an earlier post and in the emotional eating article I recently had published. What I wanted to tell you today is that I didn’t expect from changing the way I eat is the clarity and deep desires of my soul to emerge. Once I worked past some of the harder surface work, amazing things started to happen to my sense of well being. I became content with myself. Or more relaxed if you will. I had finally started to show love and compassion towards myself and allowed myself to heal. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve only been at this for a little over a year and still have a lot of built up junk to work through. It takes time to heal a lifetime of toxic eating and thinking. But, I have learned to be patient with myself and marvel at the process. Thank you for following my blog!


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