Raw Food, Weight Loss, Spirituality and Art

It’s not apparent in the beginning, the connection between raw food, weight loss, spirituality and art, but surprise, it all is. Let me explain. You see, we have become a society of convenience in which the industrial industries control. Keep the people ignorant about their food (and keep it cheap) and the big dogs profit. I don’t believe that people are ignorant. We are all intelligent human beings and on some level of consciousness it is realized what food is good for the body and what is not. Don’t believe me? Stop and listen to conversations about food that is obviously not healthy. Most are casual conversations ranging from “I know I shouldn’t eat this.” to “How many calories are in this?” and “Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that or that much of it.” Yet, it’s a habit and habits are hard to break and change. It’s also a fear of giving up comfort foods. Most cooked foods are called comfort foods or soul foods for a reason. They comfort and numb our soul from heart ache, stress, unhappiness with life and even our connection with our spirit. It’s only a temporary fix and does not benefit us in the long run. The life has been killed out of the food when it’s cooked and therefore kills the energy of it. When consuming raw foods that still have all of their energy intact, it raises the bodies energy and clears out the numbness that cooked foods creates. This is also know as detoxing. There are so many that have never experienced the aliveness, health and clarity that is felt on a raw food diet that is hard to imagine what I’m so passionate about (It’s odd, I get it and i won’t make you ear it so relax). I originally started this diet to loose weight but the mind numbing fog that years of consuming junk food creates began to lift and I realized that I had a lot of emotional crap to deal with. Let’s face it. We all have our issues, including me and we all have our own ways of dealing with them, healthy or not, I chose food. I think a lot of other people choose food as well.

The weight came off quickly and effortlessly. So, then I was left with the crap. It took a while to get through all of it. Hey, this stuff didn’t accumulate overnight, you know. Once some of the major stuff was healed is when the truly fascinating stuff started to happen. Life became that much more magical. I realized that so many of my problems and others problems stems from our disconnection with our souls and from source (most call this God so don’t be offended that I do too). I came to realize this as I was trying to get a deeper connection with my creative side, I was missing the point. Creativity stems from God and the more connection there is with God, the clearer the creative messages and inspiration is, not to mention it become a bit easier to create. So, I’ve been learning to tune in. Part experiment, pure curiosity. The result? A deeper peace. Being comfortable with who I am. Dropping the insecurities that have plagued my psyche. The openness to put myself out there and share what I am doing. Removing my blocks and walls that have had me hulled up in some mental cave with hardly any light to survive. Inspiration. Happiness.

As a side note:

Don’t worry, I’m not some religious fanatic or anything and I’m not really into having big religious debates. Its just not my thing. However, I am fascinated with religion, all religions and spiritual practices and am open to and respectful of everyone’s view of the same thing.


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  1. Posted by Shauna on June 5, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    I’m glad u found a beneficial lifestyle and it makes u happy. Interesting enough my husband is working on a research paper about a similar topic….Fast food, weight of americans and what would be the outcome if they had healthier food choices etc. I know where ur coming from. I have been there. I would however urge u to research from a scientific source things like detox…as that is a word people throw around a lot….turns out does nothing. You feel better because of the types of calories u intake… Rather than trans fats and such which slow us down. We are a highly evolved species and fatty foods have just newly been introduced to our diet so, it makes sence that raw foods or foods close to them selves in nature would suit us best. Keep it up.


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