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The Start of My Journey

To explain how I became a Raw Foodist, I must start from the beginning. It has not been just one thing that has lead me to this, but a series of events that have changed my life forever. My Journey has started one step at a time.

Starting off in the world, my first word was “plant”. Not momma or dada, but plant. Go figure. I remember growing up eating out the family’s home garden that my dad would lovingly plant every year. I still remember the blackberries and raspberries I would stain my shirts with and how delicious they were. Moving on as a teen I would run home for lunch and eat…peas…yes, a large bowl of peas. I became a Vegetarian after taking a Human Biology class in High School which made meat (with all the ligaments, bones, and whatever else) unappetizing. I continued on with that for 3 years including my first pregnancy. I must admit that I was not the healthiest Vegetarian. I ate whatever I liked, as long as it was not meat or animal fat based. I eventually got tired of making my meat and potatoes loving husband separate dinners and gave in. That was 10 years ago and it has nagged at me ever since.

About 3 years ago I came across the book Happy Yoga: 7 Reasons Why There’s Nothing to Worry About. In this book there is a section on food and what you should put in your body. The author is a Raw Vegan and opened my eyes and reiterated why I had become a Vegetarian in the first place. He explained about how hard it is for your body to digest meats and animal products and what takes place in your body when you do eat it. It is disgusting. It changed the way I think about meat and animal products forever. Needless to say, this book has stuck with me ever since.

I continued to gain weight and did not feel good about myself anymore. I decided to put myself on a diet, cutting out all beef and pork, most dairy products, sugars and junk food. I lost 20 pounds in a month. I was delighted, but still not satisfied. Then I decided that I needed to have 1 more baby and all my hard work got thrown out the window. Pregnancy changes how you look at food, because you just don’t care anymore. I ended up gaining all of my weight back plus 15 pounds during pregnancy, which is to be expected. The best part was that I lost it quickly afterwards, but ended up gaining some back due to my bad eating habits I retained from pregnancy.

Still hating what I saw in the mirror, I started looking into healthy ways of eating. I started calorie counting and quickly discovered that all of my daily allowance in calories was coming from snacks! Junk! YUCK! I had to find a better way to loose weight. I started transitioning back to cutting out red meat and some dairy, incorporating more fruits and veggies (because they give you more nutritional bang for your caloric buck), cut out sodas and tried to cut out more sugars. The snacks and bad food had got to go. I just couldn’t live like this anymore. I started checking out diet books from the library and ended up coming across some raw food books. The information I read about in the raw food books just made sense and felt right. I started with the new idea of green smoothies. The powerhouse complete food that I could eat/drink for breakfast. I could do this!

What came from the green smoothies has stunned and amazed me. They helped me detox (without me realizing it at first), curbed my cravings for sweets and carbs (MAGIC!), I lost pound and inches, inches without pounds and the most important part, I felt AMAZING. I’ve never felt this healthy in my life. I have been plagued with acne since High School and my skin finally stared to clear up and glow, my mental state became calmer and more focused, I felt more aware and in tune with my body, my energy level was fantastic and stable throughout the day (no more coffee for me). I had never experienced health and vitality like this before.

My curbed cravings for sweets and carbs increased to include meats and cooked, processed foods. I decided to just go with the flow and follow what my body was telling me. I started looking into the Raw Food lifestyle more in depth and decided to set the goal to try eating 70% of my diet as raw food and 30% cooked/whatever foods. I successfully kept that up for 2 months, continued to loose weight and finally, came across a 15 day raw food detox event on the web. This involved going 100% for 15 day. I thought…”I could go 100% for 15 day”…and I did. I jumped on the event train, signed up for the daily e-mails and videos and went for it. I haven’t looked back since.

Since going 100% I’ve reached my secret weight loss goal (lower than my “realistic” expectations) with great delight. I feel amazing and healthy. It’s the best thing to happen to my food spirit since sliced bread.

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